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    Our Work

    New in Portfolio: Madremania

      Lately we’ve been working on so many interesting projects, but what made them particularly special was the fact that they were led by kind people who trusted us. I feel that…

  • Kinlake-Roadtrip-Scotland-Highlands-Travel-Isle-Of-Skye

    Our Roadtrip Around The Highlands

      After a solid period of working and being productive while travelling across the UK (and our last stay in Edinburgh), we decided to take a few days off and go…

  • Kinlake-Lake-District-Scotland-2

    The Lake District & Getting To Scotland

      Hello from Scotland! Because you may have been wondering where we’ve been wandering about lately (pun intended), I decided to write yet another post to share our latest adventures along…

  • Day by Day Travels

    Christmas in Switzerland

      As some of you might know, this year we have decided to make our Christmas a little bit different! Our usual habits around this festive time would involve staying in…

  • Blog Day by Day


    It’s a real depressing feeling to see the sunset at half past four. Even though you’re self-employed, you cannot simply leave your work behind and go for a walk in the…

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    Our Work

    ONKRAUT featuring Wandel.BAR

      I guess it’s been a while that we haven’t dedicated a full post to one of our projects. Lately we’ve been busy with plenty of them, but just a couple of…

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    Just Go Shoot | with Jolie Laide

      Living and working from this beautiful Cretan island full of wilderness has been a blessing! Being able to just take our life & work here for a while has been…