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    5 Things That Inspire Us About Japan

    So many things inspire us greatly about Japan, after living here for more than a month! It is truly transformational. So I thought I'd gather them up into a post which…

  • Kinlake-Japan-City-Lifestyle-9396

    Daytrip To Nara

      Nara. A highlight from my last trip to Japan, in 2009. It is a beautiful little town which used to be Japan’s first permanent capital. Therefore, it’s full of history…

  • Lets-Wander-Nomadic-Plans-Kinlake-feat
    Day by Day Travels

    Our Nomadic Plans

      As some of you know, there have been some changes going on in our lives lately. And today, I want to tell you more about them. Or more precisely, about…

  • Day by Day

    Our Last Days of 2015

      Here we are again! Back home in Luxembourg. We didn’t expect to be back from our roadtrip so early, but all the wandering around got me: I injured myself quite…