Why we are more complex than we think

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    Each and every one of us has amazing abilities to do things, to create, to perceive, or analyse… But most of the time we don’t even know about it. How many things, skills or gifts are left unexplored?

    In order to realise that we’re good at doing something, we need to try it. However, we might fall in love with some things and then find that we’re not that good at them in the end. Maybe because we don’t have the right coaching or ressources to improve that skill and we struggle in vain with the hope of getting better, to finally just feel like we are wasting a lot of time. Sometimes the best is to just accept that something ‘isn’t made for us’ and start something new! Sport, music, art etc, are probably the most common subjects that we dive into really easily. But on a more psychological aspect there can also be many things that we can be incredibly good at. Maybe you have a great social personality with an amazing ability to help others. By listening and sharing your opinion you can make everything sound logical and inspiring for others. Sometimes, on the other hand, you may have an ability that is insanely inspiring, but pretty much useless to you, like Synesthesia, a perceptual and cognitive skill.


    Don’t be scared of super powers

    There are many things that we can learn about ourselves that can scare or intimidate us. Things we never heard about before. If you’re young for example, and you discover you have Synesthesia, you can freak out and start believing you’re some sort of super hero with super powers.

    When I was about fifteen years old my brother was reading a science magazine and stumbled upon a tiny article about Synesthesia. When telling me about it I got really confused, simply because I thought that everyone was feeling the same way. And then I started connecting the dots. When I play the music for example, I see colours, every chord is represented by one colour, every note has another colour. Also known as Chromesthesia. But then I realise that every number has one too, and basically every letter… and every day, and every month. Like floating on an empty background. So all of this was normal, and it was simply called Synesthesia. At first I thought that I could maybe make a usage of this great thing, but in the end, I believe it’s just my mind playing tricks by mixing up some senses and there’s nothing I can do about it. Everyone has in some sort a little degree of it. If you think about a lemon for example, and you really imagine eating it, you might feel like you can taste its acidity on the side of your tongue. Synesthesia is basically when some of your senses get mixed up with each other, creating some sort of seventh sense. Sounds pretty cool right? However, it’s inspiring but pretty much useless.


    Analysing and acceptance

    Most people become aware of this distinctive perception in their childhood and it’s purely involuntary and consistent. If at first I got so confused that I didn’t even want to talk about it, because I personally hate to be the center of the attention. I finally simply learned to accept it and slowly got fascinated about it. I love psychanalyse and the analysis of others in the most weird details, like their way of talking, their behavior, facial expression. Among Synesthesia and my annoying OCD’s I developed a strong fascination for the connection between spirals, loops, patterns, perspectives and personal memories perceived as clusters interconnected in space and time. Almost tangible like day-dreaming. All these phenomenas perceived visually in different forms, occurred naturally at different times in my life but always felt connected with each other. To strongly meditate and analyse them as one unity may lead some day to decrypt the complexity of one self, myself. Deeper than a simple skill, you learn about yourself, your emotions, your most insane perceptions and abilities.

    Most of us might feel like our lives are pretty normal, quite basic or following a simple routine. I believe that those who are creative enough, open-minded or curious, can try to see deeper than what’s on the surface. We’re a chest, it’s a pity we don’t dig into ourselves to discover some amazing hidden treasures, at least once in a while!

    David is a dreamer in love with details and a geeky being with an ability to teach himself anything. He loves to experiment with photography and videography to tell real stories and emotions through images, and he never stops learning about how to make the best websites. Besides his passion for visual creativity, he is also a multidisciplinary self-taught musician who worked on several projects including his own solo career. During creative work days he likes to discover new music and to collect it – he’s the curator behind all of our Kinlake playlists!


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