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    It’s friday! There are times where I feel that friday hits so soon and this week is one of them.

    These last weekdays have been great for self-growth and creating an even more healthy work/life routine for ourselves. They have also been full of exciting projects we can’t wait to share with you!

    The week started off well with a perfectly balanced monday. We usually keep monday mornings for preparing our to do list for the week as well as getting in touch with our inboxes and “to be continued” projects after the weekend.

    Just a few months ago we decided NOT to work during weekends, and even though it is hard sometimes (especially with our personal projects lining up additionally), it has been the best thing for us. It is really important to switch off a “work” brain and take the time to do other activities that can ressource it: see friends, cook, walk, go see new things. If other more office-based businesses can do it, why can’t we? Being self-employed doesn’t mean you have to be at work 24/7. Less doing, more being!



    We slip in fun, relaxing activities also during our workdays. After our monday lunch, we had a little break to go visit our rescued kitty. We found this little one when she was just 1 month old and she has grown quite a bit since and becoming more and more active. It was virtually impossible to take a photo of her and finding a moment when she wasn’t running, playing, jumping all over the place! On tuesday afternoon, we went to our favourite coffeeplace Ready and worked from there as well as met our friend Lynn for coffee. We met this gal through her wonderful DIY blog “Cosymore” and we sometimes meet to chat, inspire each other and share positive vibes. She wants to start her own freelance business as well, possibly in illustration, so we had plenty of things to talk about!




    The rest of the time, we worked on our creative projects. We launched the website of our lovely friend David from Conscious Foods. Our favourite part of his website is his blog in which he will be sharing delicious healthy recipes we will be photographing with him. Last week we had another long-awaited website launch, the one from Ready Coffeeshop. Which reminds me I should update our portfolio post! Next thing in line with the girls from Ready Coffeeshop is the creation and launch of their clothing collection. Yep, it’s pretty random, and a whole new creative challenge for us (we never thought we would be designing for clothing) but stay tuned. In the meantime we also advanced on some other big and smaller creative projects.



    We are almost ready to launch AFROLIA, an e-shop & blog with an afro-inspired vibe, the idea of our friendly client Djulia. Doing an e-shop was a new thing for us and it took us a while, but we’re really grateful Djulia gave us this opportunity and trusted us to do that. After a lot of struggles and so many things learned, we can now proudly say we know how to create a complex e-shop. YES! So, as you may notice, lots of website work this week. But, thankfully we also worked on video and print projects. The two videos we did for will be shown at this weekend’s Letz go Local and also soon posted on our portfolio. Yourshop is a local platform for people who want to sell handmade creations, and what we did was create videos which present those people, their worlds and their creative process. We will be talking more about them soon! We’re also currently working on a very japanizing project called HASU, which is about old japanese homes that are remodeled and turned into beautiful guesthouses. We can’t say much more about it yet, but this one definitely took us out of our comfort zones and into a whole other creative continent 🙂

    Another project which I am finally ready to talk about is the project we had with ROTONDES, the cultural spot here in Luxembourg where the most inspiring and creative things happen, culturally, artistically, musically. As some of you may have seen, I posted a teaser photo a few weeks ago on our instagram, stating we were working on an exciting project with more to be revealed soon. I had worked with Rotondes a couple of times on my own, for some smaller more artistic projects (such as this one) but we had not yet been hired to work on a big graphic project. Now this one really knocked our socks off: we were hired to do the identity of the first Food Truck Festival in Luxembourg, which is happening right there. A few weeks before they contacted us, I saw the event for it on facebook and thought “wow, this is going to be a blast“. The food trucks have recently been a whole new wave here in Luxembourg (yep, 15 years later than in the US, but fine!) and so this event now clocks in about 8000 people going there! The best part of all: we were free to do whatever the hell we wanted creatively. So we experimented with illustration, hand lettering and little details to represent a funky food chaos. More to be revealed soon 😉

    Other than that, daily morning yoga, healthy lunches (I finally got a spiralizer to make raw vegetable noodles). Lots of hand-lettering practice for me, lots of music practice for David. I’m happy it’s friday and happy I thought of doing this post, as it’s actually quite therapeutic to “look back” and write those activities down. Everything we do contributes to something, and this feels so great. It’s not just about being productive but about doing things you enjoy, and now I realize this week has been pretty full of those!

    What are you up to this weekend? We will be checking out the Lëtz go Local market and strolling around. On sunday we will be picking apples and relaxing. Simple stuff makes us happy I guess.

    Oh, and we have made a plan to launch our OWN brand new website design on monday. I hope we get to keep that promise. Stay tuned!



    Linda is a mediterranean wild spirit. People are her primary inspiration and shape her creative world. She likes to experiment with illustration, hand lettering, and custom-made ideas that don’t always involve a computer and is striving to create unique imagery. She’s in love with all things natural, real and meaningful. Half-Luxembourgish and half-greek, she swears by cretan mountain tea from her homeland to keep her fuelled during busy days, and is an avid fan of Wes Anderson movies.


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