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David’s Cretan Inspirations

Crete isn’t like anything I’ve seen before. The first time we went there, the access to the house wasn’t really pleasant with zig zag roads up the mountains. We had rented a small white Renault Twingo which made the whole thing even more complicated. Although once we got home, every frustration was quickly forgotten. This charming place on top of a mountain was indeed nothing I could compare with. This place has inspired me in many ways and every time we go back there, there’s always a little something new you can feel.

I did a little escape last year around the tiny village we use to stay at to capture some shots. It was actually my second try, cause the the first one was not so lucky since I stumbled and fell down a rocky path. Had a few stitches on my knee and scratches all over my left side body, but the camera on my hand stayed intact! Lucky me.


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