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    Lately we’ve been working on so many interesting projects, but what made them particularly special was the fact that they were led by kind people who trusted us. I feel that we’re getting better at attracting people who are like-minded to us and who are compatible with our creative philosophy – they are truly the best clients. And they become the best friends, too! I’m just so, so grateful about that.

    One of those projects that I want to share with you today is called Madremania!

    The story about this project is very special. Irina grew up in rural Russia. She had always been very inspired by her nature-filled childhood and she loved crafting things. When she became a mother, this brought her closer to those creative roots. Motherhood is an experience that transformed her and that gave her a drive to pursue her handmade endeavours. She used this drive to sew and make goods for her kids. Then as her passion grew stronger, she decided to share her craft with the rest of the world. That’s when Madremania was born, and when she started dreaming up the idea of setting up her own Etsy shop!

    As you can imagine, it’s no coincidence that the name of her brand would have the word “Madre” (mother) in it. As Irina likes to say:

    “Firstly, I am a mother. Then, I am an artist and creator.”

    That’s right, and that’s what this project would be all about!




    As usual, we began the process with our questionnaire, brainstorming together and coming up with the moodboard (the one you see above!). What would this very personal brand have to capture? One of Irina’s statements made it very clear to us: something rooted in the depths, in the past and at the same time life giving. Warmth, closeness to nature, connection with ancestors; mother’s force, connection with mother.

    There was definitely something heartwarming and nostalgic about it. David and I do not have kids (nor do we plan to have any), but we definitely connected with the idea just by really picturing it. It made us think of our own childhood memories like cozy evenings sitting by the fire, reading books, singing lullabies… And it also made us think of warmth and shelter. Those cold winter days, hiking outside then finding a cabin to rest and dream in. Just pure nurture, like a mother’s arms. This is what Madremania would have to represent, in all simplicity.

    The colors we got inspired from are muted yet grounding. The imagery we got inspired from was delicate, simple & natural.

    All of this inspired us in our quest to build the main logo. The idea behind it? Well, “mother & child”.

    We found a very simple way to display the duo through tiny, nature-inspired illustrations we created. Those were so fun to make, and I really did draw them in a tiny format so that they would be as simple as possible.




    The pine tree one was our favourite. So we decided to make it part of the main logo, along with a delicate, handwritten “Madremania“.

    The rest of the botanical elements could be used to make seasonal versions of the logo, or to make fun patterns. I love how this exploration has now given us so many options to play around with, and it does help to make the brand more complex and versatile!

    But that’s not all. We got quite dreamy into this whole idea, and it inspired us so much that we decided to create a secondary logo, just for the fun of it! We included the two characters of the main logo (mother & child pine trees) into a capsule scenery. With some mountains in the back, and the moonlight. The idea here is to bring depth into this whole story and to sort of show that mother’s presence is comforting, even in an intimidating environment. The starry sky is also emphasising this childhood dreaminess. Oh, how I loved drawing this…




    All of this came together to create a brand that tells a truly moving story.

    We knew it was meant to be. The whole process of developing it felt so right, that it felt emotional. It just got us thinking so much about what our own mothers mean to us, what the sweetest parts of our childhoods were like… and we listened to a whole lot of Jònsi & Alex. Oh my. It went so far!


    The best part of it was actually showing the results to Irina. I remember how that week hadn’t been very cheerful (it was a stressful pre-Christmas time) but then when we talked with her and saw her reaction during our presentation call, it reminded us exactly of why we love this creative job so much. Irina was so in love with it all, she was speechless and that made us all very emotional (and teary). It just comes to show that a process like this can be so deep, for all parties involved. We’re not doing this job just to stay on the surface – this is really what it’s all about.





    Madremania is now born.

    You can find Irina’s shop and her wonderful creations through the link here! Or follow her on instagram. The project is still in progress, and we will surely be working on some new things along the way which I can’t wait to share with you.

    Another really interesting part of the project which is indirectly linked to the branding itself was the photography! As Irina has an Etsy shop, it was very important for her to find a good way to photograph and showcase her products. We do offer photography, but we also like to teach clients DIY photography workshops so that they can shoot their own photos when they need. In the past, we’ve helped many clients learn the basics of photography, and with Irina we managed to do it over distance – which worked really well. The process involved sharing an inspiration board, ideas, exploring her options for props as well as teaching the basics of how to make the best out of her camera and how to edit her photos. Now Irina has a good base for that and she can experiment independently.

    I will definitely be sharing more about this service, as we are perfecting it so that we can teach these workshops to anyone, anywhere. They are a quick yet very complete learning experience, and they are particularly great for people who create their own images such as bloggers or e-shop owners like Irina 🙂




    To end this post, I would love to share Irina’s feedback with you!

    “I was in love with Kinlake’s work since the first glimpse. I felt that they (and only they) could fulfil my expectations and create something special that would reflect the feelings and ideas I have about my brand. I wasn’t mistaken. Linda & David did a fantastic job on my project. They an amazingly creative, professional and talented couple. I highly recommend them!”

    Irina Quintus


    I’m usually a bit iffy about posting testimonials, but how could I not share this one? We just enjoyed this project so much that it feels right to show that the enjoyment was mutual. Thank you so much, Irina, for trusting us.

    …And for the rest of you reading this, do let us know what you think of it!

    Linda is a mediterranean wild spirit. People are her primary inspiration and shape her creative world. She likes to experiment with illustration, hand lettering, and custom-made ideas that don’t always involve a computer and is striving to create unique imagery. She’s in love with all things natural, real and meaningful. Half-Luxembourgish and half-greek, she swears by cretan mountain tea from her homeland to keep her fueled during busy days, and is an avid fan of Wes Anderson movies.


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