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We are a couple of designers. But to be honest, the creativity we want to play with has always been about way more than that. Together, we work and experiment in multiple areas, question ourselves eternally, always like to discover new things to make and do. Kinlake is simply the result of our creative journey.

We run our design studio as a small but mighty creative team. One that is not afraid to do things well and differently. After years of experience, we specialise in creative services such as custom-made branding, as well as graphic & web design with a purpose. On top of that, we like to use every opportunity we have to bring our illustration, photography & videography skills to the table. We also provide consulting around design, branding and social media. We do it all, but we do it holistically. This allows us to see most of our projects at a very broad creative angle, forming a full-service process with a truly unique outcome.

Our clients like to see us as their creative sidekicks. We particularly like to work with people and new businesses with a positive impact, who ache to see their ideas happen. They inspire us, and we just love to connect with people who are just as passionate as we are. We like to use our design skills and form a creative partnership so that we can help them stand out and rock at what they do.

The best part? This doesn’t only generate unique results that we can all be proud of, but meaningful relationships that often turn into friendships full of enthusiasm, laughs, advice, support and awesome accomplishments. Let’s make it happen!


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It means a lot to us to be creative guides for new entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups. We create purposeful branding and provide creative services for dreamers, makers and adventurers who are ready to make a bold move and stand out. Adventurous people and companies with a defined personal meaning are those we love to help to shape visually.

We specialise with values we get quite passionate about, such as eco-friendly concepts, ethical businesses, purveyors of healthy food & drink, community makers & helpers, as well as bloggers. We get inspired by small yet mighty businesses with a positive impact and those who ache to see their ideas happen. After all, we’re also dreamers.


Here are some interesting facts about us

1) We live nomadically, and our creative studio is actually a travelling one. This allows us to grab inspiration from all over the world and bring unique ideas that go beyond any local bubble.

2) We are a small team of two and we don’t plan to expand at all. Our priority is to have direct, fulfilling relationships with the people we work with and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

3) Despite being small, we are pretty proud of being able to do just about anything. Geekiness is limitless. We also have trusted partners who we can team up with for just about anything else, (website hosting, printing custom stationary, clothing, products). Just ask us – we’ll be happy to help you make it happen.

4) What we do is not a job for us, it’s a way of life. We pursue a creative lifestyle, and this goes beyond our 9 to 5. When we are not working on our client projects, we are playing around with our own so that we can expand our abilities even further. It’s fun! Feel free to check out some of that stuff on our blog.

5) We meet tons of amazing people through our social media and we want to help you do that too, because it’s pretty awesome and having your own community feels empowering.