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    From Luxembourg to Somerset


      Hello from the beautiful english countryside! We are currently in the heart of Somerset. It’s been so awesome just being here and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! As some of you know, we have embarked on a 2-month trip all around the UK, which is part of our journey towards a more nomadic lifestyle, just like some previous times when we had packed our laptops and all our essentials and travelled to places like Crete…

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  • Kinlake-sound-collection-Mix-08
    Music We Love


      During the whole month of June, our Kinlake Sound Collection was selected to be played at the Mudam – Musée d’art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean in Luxembourg. Although we are more used…

  • Lets-Wander-Nomadic-Plans-Kinlake-feat
    Day by Day Travels

    Our Nomadic Plans

      As some of you know, there have been some changes going on in our lives lately. And today, I want to tell you more about them. Or more precisely, about…

  • Readywear-Vimeo-Cover-01
    Our Work

    READYWEAR / Designing A Clothing Line!

      Let’s talk about CLOTHING, folks! I’ll start this post honestly: as a designer, the only thing I “ever” pictured doing in relation to clothing was to just have to order…

  • IMG_1078

    Weekend Honeymooning in Amsterdam

      A week-end full of emotions. That would be a perfect summary of what we have just lived. First of all, we got married. Yay! We’ve been together for about 8 years now, and…

  • pastel-milk-kinlake-2
    In Our Kitchen

    Pastel Power Milk

      Lately I’ve been having this thing for awesome, super-charged breakfast drinks. I’ve been looking for recipes of drinks that are healthy and that have it all, or just the right…

  • An-awesome-wave-kinlake-feat
    Food For Thought

    An awesome wave

      Living creatively is a beautiful thing. It’s said that creative minds constantly push themselves to the limit. That can be a good and, well… a bad thing, too! These last few days have…

  • Kinlake-sound-collection-Mix-07
    Music We Love


      We’ve been dealing with some rainy days lately as May can be so unpredictable in Luxembourg. This sound collection was made thinking about summer which is always a good motivation.…

  • diy-printable-wifi-key
    Day by Day

    DIY & FREEBIE / Printable Wifi Key Card

      Getting ready for our open studio tonight! So excited! We’ve been wanting to do plenty of changes in our interior decoration lately, and this event definitely gave us some sort of mental…

  • FLOW-illu-02
    Our Work

    Project in Progress: FLOW

      I guess it’s time for another project update, and we were looking forward to share this particular one with you! This one is all about FLOW. Creative flow, dancing flow,…